Townforge Wiki

Holding enough food for game ticks is essential for keeping player buildings active. If a player runs out of food, their buildings are inactivated, making them unable to collect subsidies.

Food spoils every game tick, with varying decay rates for vegetables, grain, meat, or salted meat.

There are two main mechanics for obtaining food, apart from buying it from the markets:

Example of hunting in the v0.27 testnet. Player has researched tech that reduces the amount of labour required, while the city's moose and bear populations have reduced from their maximum quantities, yielding smaller expected amounts of food from a hunting party.


Hunting is an event where player expends labour to send out a hunting party. Depending on the active city's animal population properties as well player's researched tech, the amount of required labour and expected outcome of gathered meat varies. There are two main animals to hunt whose population slowly repopulate: moose and bear.


Farming of vegetables and grain requires player to:

1) Sow the desired food type during their respective seasons using labour

2) Harvest the desired food type during the harvest season, with increasing yield as time progresses enhanced by additional factors such as favorable weather (temperature), researched tech, and random events.

If a player does not harvest a sown crop during the harvesting period, the crop is lost.

Farming requires a lot allocated to 'agriculture'. These agricultural buildings can be used for planting vegetables or grain, and their properties - such as economic power and size - determine the maximum yield of farmed food.

Example of harvesting vegetables on an agricultural lot. The required amount of labour and amount of food harvested are determined by a number of deterministic factors such as researched tech, growth time, and lot properties, as well as random properties such as weather and random events.